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We’re recruiting! Wanted: Open Data specialist


Do you want to play a key role in an international open data initiative that will deliver a step change in greater transparency and accountability of aid resources? We are looking for an open data specialist to join the aidinfo team at Development Initiatives and manage a team that supports the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The successful candidate will lead the Technical Advisory Group secretariat, which leads on development and management of the IATI standard and infrastructure; supports donors, NGOs and private organisations to publish open data; and facilitates a large international community focussed on advancing aid transparency.

It now is a crucial time for IATI: it has reached critical mass – the recent addition of the US means that donors providing 80% of official aid are now committed to being ‘IATI-compliant’, as well as many other NGOs, UN agencies and private organisations. We now need to make it happen and ensure it is effective.

View the Open Data Specialist role for aidinfo and a range of other roles for our wider organisation Development Initiatives. For more information please visit our aidinfo recruitment page and our Development Initiatives recruitment page.

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