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We publish information on our programme in an open, common format.To learn more visit our /open page.

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International Aid Transparency Initiative

We work closely with this multi stakeholder-led global initiative, which aims to make information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. For more information visit their site. 

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Have a look at our new case studies and videos from Kenya.

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You can find all our past and present research reports, related studies and case studies here.  We’ve also added a glossary of our most commonly used acronyms and aid-related terms.

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Towards Climate Finance Transparency

Published: 14/05/2012

This paper has been written as a joint collaboration between aidinfo and Publish What You Fund. It examines the intersection between aid transparency and climate finance. It maps the broad landscape of funding to enable adaptation and mitigation of climate change, and the systems for monitoring it. These include systems which label the money as ‘aid’… [more]

DIPR; On the Path To Transparency

Published: 07/09/2011

A methodology for publishing IATI-compliant data. In July 2011, Development Initiatives Poverty Research (DIPR) published their first file of open data, in compliance with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard for providing data on aid flows. This initial publication covered data from the aidinfo programme and was published on the website at aidinfo.org/open. This was… [more]

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Case Studies

Why information matters for the Post-2015 framework – Video

Published: 20/05/2013

  Information is power. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have had a dramatic impact on the services (access to healthcare, education and clean water) that the poorest people receive – but have failed to shift power to ordinary people in the fight to end poverty. Without an explicit push to improve the quality and timeliness… [more]

Better Information, Better Aid: Nepal Country Study

Published: 08/02/2012

Finding and understanding information on aid in Nepal, as in many aid receiving countries, is complex. Nepal receives aid from up to 50 bilateral and multilateral donors, more than 150 international NGOs and thousands of national and local NGOs. Many different people would like to know more about aid flows to Nepal to help ensure… [more]

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Visit our /open page to learn more about how we publish our information in an open, common format.


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