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Open Nepal Week continues with data literacy bootcamp in Kathmandu


Over 100 Nepali journalists, hackers and representatives of civil society took a crash course in data scraping, analysis and visualisation at a data literacy bootcamp this week. The event, held in Kathmandu, was run by the World Bank Institute and the Open Aid Partnership and formed part of Open Nepal Week.

The Bootcamp generated lots of activity on Twitter, which has been collated on Storify, including links to many of the presentations given and tools discussed over the two day event.

Open Nepal Week continues with a Hackathon on Wednesday (5th June) and the official launch of Open Nepal on Thursday (6th), which includes formally opening the open data portal –

Open Nepal
Open Nepal


Open Nepal is a collaborative platform to promote the availability of better data and provides tools, skills and support to help those in the development ecosystem to access, analyse and use data for more inclusive and effective development. It includes work on an open data platform, awareness raising, capacity development, support to selected open development case studies, and impact research. It is delivered by a coalition of partners – Freedom ForumYoung Innovations, the NGO Federation of Nepal and the aidinfo programme at Development Initiatives.

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